New pictures are up.

We’ve got a Picasa photo album with some recent additions. As time permits, I’ll be adding more photos to the album, including all the old travel pics from v.1.

And a Happy New Year it is …

Just wanted to take this opportunity to add my 2 cents to the blog. We’ve been terrible about updating our website. Hopefully, this interface will promote more current briefs from us and frequent visits from our fans. Ha. For those of you checking in, just wanted to fill you in on the latest/biggest news in our little Hall family … Kyle and I are expecting!!! Baby Hall is due on/around June 4th. I’m feeling great and bigger by the day; Baby seems to be doing just fine. We hope to learn if Baby is a boy or girl early next month. We’ll keep you posted … uh, blogged.

Happy new year!

New year. New blog. This will probably take over the old site, since it’s a lot easier to administrate than our own website. Google, you’ve done it again. Anyhoo, more to come, once I have more time to post.