Happy Halloween!!!

Our Halloween festivities this year included a trip to Carter Mt. Orchard for some pumpkin n’ apple “picking”, our annual visit to Oaksby for Harvest Ball and trick-or-treating with Grandma Hall on the Lawn at UVA. Rachel had two costumes this year … she dressed as a chick-a-dee for her Halloween romp at daycare and as a mermaid for trick-or-treating at UVA. Even at 5 mo. old, much fun was had.

See all of the pictures from Rachel’s first Halloween here.

Four months old and smiley as ever …

Well, I’ve been back to work for two months now and all is well in the world. Kyle has started a new job at UVa Health System Web Development Center as a Web Developer and is loving it. I scheduled my first work-related travel earlier this month and, since Kyle was between jobs, he and Rachel were able to accompany me. This made for a smooth transition and a fun family trip to the Eastern Shore.

Rachel has adjusted very well to daycare. Kyle and I are settling into the routine, too (i.e. we’re learning to go with the flow and not delude ourselves into thinking we’re the one’s setting the routine). We’re finding a nice balance between work/play. Rachel surprises us daily with new sounds, faces, bugs, etc. She let out her first true belly laugh this weekend. Also, she’s showing signs of a first tooth popping through … up top … this nursing mommy’s a little afraid!

In spite of being sick for the past two weeks, Rachel’s been quite the smiley baby. Here are a few pics Kyle got of her during playtime this weekend. At the risk of tooting our own horn(s), Kyle and I have one adorable kid! Clearly, Olan Mills won’t be getting any of our $$$.

Ten weeks tomorrow … Back to work

We’ve taken the plunge … I’m back to work and Rachel is in daycare during the week. Fortunately, the ladies who care for her during the week absolutely adore her and take great care of her. She seems to thoroughly enjoy her time with them.

Rachel is getting bigger by the day (I promise we’ll post current pics soon … I still haven’t figured that step out yet). She’s happy and healthy and we count our blessings daily! Rachel’s recent accomplishments/activities: holding her head up (when she’s not in sleepy mode), reaching for and clutching toys (and mommy’s hair), rocking herself in her rocking chair and laughing (what a hoot … one laugh can melt away all the worries/stress in our day). She has a few favorite toys and is fascinated by her mobiles. She’s becoming quite the little person!

3+ Weeks and Counting …

There’s actually not much to report other than the fact that these two exhausted parents are amazed by Rachel’s presence in our lives and the notable changes we observe in her daily. She’s getting big fast!!! Kyle’s back to work; Rachel and Lara are working hard to redefine night/day.

The low points of these early weeks of Rachel’s life (jaundice, two weeks of mom adjusting to breastfeeding, mastitis, diaper rash, mixed up day/night) are quickly becoming distant memories and are vastly outweighed by the silly faces/sounds Rachel makes (during sleep mostly, but also during ‘play’ time), precious moments (e.g. bath time) and the excitement for each day’s firsts. Also, I am quite amused by how challenging otherwise simple day-to-day activities have become now that we have a baby in tow. Someday, I’ll blog about a few such revelations.

Many thanks to all of you who have shared such kind words, pleasant visits and generous gifts since Rachel’s arrival. Your support through these past several weeks is very much appreciated.

More soon … I hope to post new stats and pics following Rachel’s 1 month doctor’s appointment (next week).

More baby pics!

Baby pics!


Rachel is here, and mom and baby are both happy and healthy. Dad is tired, but hanging in there.

UPDATE: We’ve settled on a middle name. Say hi to Rachel Addison Hall.

Weight: 7lbs. 11oz.
Length: 20 in.
Time of birth: 7pm

We’ll be at MJH through tomorrow morning. Most of the family are stopping by today (Friday) to say hi. Give us a call if you think you want to visit. We’d love to see you!

Long-awaited belly shots have arrived!

Click here to see…

We are officially in the third trimester now. The home stretch, if you will. Rachel is quite active these days. No doubt a sign of things to come. We just hope we can keep up! Fortunately, she does nap every now and then … she seems to be sleeping when we’re sleeping, but we’re well aware that that probably won’t last. So we’re going to enjoy these last few months of uninterrupted nights (unruly cats notwithstanding).

It’s a…

Boy oh boy, are we excited about finally finding out whether we’re going to have a son or a daughter! It’s truly been an exciting day for both Lara and I. We were both very happy to learn that our child is doing great, is healthy and has all the requisite fingers and toes. Baby Hall is going to be a big one, we think. One pound, six ounces currently, and getting bigger! Glad I’m not delivering it 🙂 Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know how things went. Lara and I both couldn’t be happier.

Oh yeah. It’s a girl 🙂 Say hello to Miss Rachel Hall…

iew 3D ultrasound pics here.

Our first baby video…