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What a difference a week makes!

I was just posting some more pics of Rachel playing outside and had to chuckle. There’s a post from March 2 where she’s bundled up and playing in 6″ of snow, then a post from March 8 where she’s outside in shorts playing in the pool. Gotta love Charlottesville weather!

Weekend Crafts

With Grammy’s remote assistance (and moral support), I finally mustered the courage to pull out the new (to me) Bernina. Not only have I learned the basics, but I managed to whip out two projects for Rachel … cushions for the chairs that Santa brought her and a snuggly flannel case for her first pillow (click here for pics). Much fun was had and I’m very excited to be sewing again.

Rachel’s airplane!

Mommy got Rachel a present from YYZ. That's Toronto for you non-Rush fans.

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More Rachel Pictures

I’m sure the grandparents are on overload right now with all the pics I’ve added this week. Just found these on my old thumbdrive. I took these the morning of Rachel’s christening back in June. Most of them were a little blurry, but I think these came out ok. More after the jump.

Rachel’s Christening Dress

I know it’s not a real guitar, but…

Call the papers…a blog post that’s not about Rachel!

Whitney just sent me some scans of some very old pictures of us. This is from Halloween 1978 (thanks, Mom) so long ago I can’t remember the year, but if I had to guess I’d say 1979 or 1980. That was the first and last store-bought Halloween costume I ever wore, which appears to be nothing more than a black trash bag with a crude picture of Darth Vader printed on it. “What do you want to be for Halloween this year, son?” “I wanna be a choking hazard!” Man, I miss dangerous 80s toys. I’m off to scour Ebay for some Lawn Darts!

De plane, de plane

… We stopped by Udvar Hazy with the Martin Clan on the way to DC for Kyle’s web programing training. Had a great time. Lots and lots … and lots of planes. Very impressive, but also overwhelming. Lara & Rachel skipped out on the IMAX show this time, but it meant playtime with Rhoda & Molly.

Happy B’day to Grampy & Lee.

Tempting fate…

You can’t begin to imagin what a leap it was for me to take my Xterra on the beach today. There were a couple of times we got pretty close to water and I started having flashbacks. Fortunately, the Nissan didn’t suffer the same fate as the old Jeep!

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Happy Birthday, Rachel!!!

This past Saturday, Rachel turned one! It’s hard to believe she’s been in our lives for a whole year. We had a great time with the family out at the house. Rachel got lots of great gifts from her grandfolks, aunts and uncles. Thanks again to everyone for making her day super-special!

Pictures of Rachel’s first birthday

Happy Spring!

Greetings, all! Haven’t posted in a while, so I thought I’d throw a few random shots of Rachel up to hold you all over. I know you’re just chomping at the bit for Easter pics, but you’ve got a few more days yet. Rachel celebrated her 10 mos. birthday by having her first non-related babysitter! I had a St. Paddy’s Day gig in Charlottesville, and Lara managed to find a sitter so she could come out and enjoy the show (at least for a while…sitters are expensive! :-). Fortunately, it was a great experience, so more date nights might be in our future!