Patio Project … Take II

Linds’ and Mike helped install new drainage and a flower bed in the back yard last weekend.  Kyle and I spent our nation’s birthday laying a new patio and prepping another flower bed.  We learned from our last patio project … pay more, work less!  This patio is just flagstone and pea gravel.  The biggest challenge:  what are we going to do with all this dirt?!?  We still have to complete the walkways and 3 flower beds, but its looking good.  We celebrated the 4th at home with BBQ chicken dinner and PBS fireworks.  Apparently, Rachel is big fan of the Four Seasons and Barry Manilow.  Pics of patio-in-progress will be posted ASAP.

One observation on “Patio Project … Take II
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    Grandmama and Granddaddy were watching PBS as well and are not surprised that s.b.Rachel is a Barry Manilow fan! It must be genetic. I seem to recall Kyle, when not much older than Rachel, singing along while listening to Barry on our old fashioned LP albums. I will give you details in a much less public forum. I don’t want to boy to restrict my access to our granddaughter!


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