Hello again!

Wow. It’s been a while since we’ve posted here. As you can see, the site looks a little different. I’ve been honing my WordPress chops and have migrated us to a new host. Sorry, GoDaddy, but your servers are sloooow. Anyhoo, we hope to be updating things a bit more often here. The holidays are coming up so I’m sure we’ll have lots of stories and pictures to post. Stay tuned!

Backyard is looking good!

We’ve finished the bulk of the hardscaping and landscaping. Now to contend with the dead Maple and put up a fence to keep out the vagabonds. Here’s a sneak preview of our recent accomplishments. Hope you can stop by for a visit!

Patio Project … Take II

Linds’ and Mike helped install new drainage and a flower bed in the back yard last weekend.  Kyle and I spent our nation’s birthday laying a new patio and prepping another flower bed.  We learned from our last patio project … pay more, work less!  This patio is just flagstone and pea gravel.  The biggest challenge:  what are we going to do with all this dirt?!?  We still have to complete the walkways and 3 flower beds, but its looking good.  We celebrated the 4th at home with BBQ chicken dinner and PBS fireworks.  Apparently, Rachel is big fan of the Four Seasons and Barry Manilow.  Pics of patio-in-progress will be posted ASAP.

Rachel’s 2nd Birthday

Her birthday isn’t til tomorrow, but her party was today. What a fun time! Rachel’s friends Lauren and Grace came over to play, and all the grandparents were here. Auntie Sissy came down from D.C. as well.

What a difference a week makes!

I was just posting some more pics of Rachel playing outside and had to chuckle. There’s a post from March 2 where she’s bundled up and playing in 6″ of snow, then a post from March 8 where she’s outside in shorts playing in the pool. Gotta love Charlottesville weather!

Snow Day!!!

Rachel, Lara and I had a grand old time this morning playing in the first real snow of the year…and the first ever snow at the new house! We got a bit of snow last winter, but Rachel was too little to really enjoy it. This time, however, she had a blast. We built a snowman, Mommy showed her how to make snow angels and we even had a snowball fight! I won 🙂 Rachel is napping now, but we may go out for round 2 when she wakes up. It’s pretty sunny out, but there’s still lots of snow on the ground!

Weekend Crafts

With Grammy’s remote assistance (and moral support), I finally mustered the courage to pull out the new (to me) Bernina. Not only have I learned the basics, but I managed to whip out two projects for Rachel … cushions for the chairs that Santa brought her and a snuggly flannel case for her first pillow (click here for pics). Much fun was had and I’m very excited to be sewing again.

Rachel’s airplane!

Mommy got Rachel a present from YYZ. That's Toronto for you non-Rush fans.

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More Rachel Pictures

I’m sure the grandparents are on overload right now with all the pics I’ve added this week. Just found these on my old thumbdrive. I took these the morning of Rachel’s christening back in June. Most of them were a little blurry, but I think these came out ok. More after the jump.

Rachel’s Christening Dress

I know it’s not a real guitar, but…